About us


1 March 2015 Anneke and Ries bought Guesthouse Famiri.. We were equal in love with this beautiful attractive building and have now an intimate, cosy and welcoming guesthouse, where everyone can feel at home.

At her first visit to Suriname in 2001 Anneke immediately fell in love with this country. After only six months she decided to emigrate from The Netherlands to Suriname and to start working at Danpaati, a resort at the interior of Suriname. After that she has worked as a consultant and tour operator. She specializes in custom made trips and is herself a source of information about all the sights in Suriname. Have a look at her website: www.anneketrips.com

Six years ago Ries met Anneke while traveling through the outback of Suriname. He became fascinated with the wonderful nature and all the possibilities Suriname has to offer him. At this moment he is engaged in water purification projects at several schools in the interior of Suriname.

Together we hope to surprise you with our hospitality, helpfulness and friendliness. Each of us has his own ideas and we are going to help you during your stay in Suriname to make a great holiday here with us.

We look forward to welcoming you! Rie and Anneke


After having lived and worked in Surinam for several periods, the Suriname virus still has a good grip on us.
And the opportunity to stay in this beautiful country as interim managers of Famiri Guesthouse for a long time, we also said yes.
We look forward to receiving you and sharing the love for this country with you.

See you! Karin and Robert


Anneke and Ries Karin and Robert
Katrien, Ries, Anneke Katrien, Ries, Anneke